The World's First Super-SUV

The Artemis embodies our ethos of giving customers what they want but cannot find elsewhere. With greater luxury, exclusivity and performance than any existing SUV, it creates a new class of car.

But it goes further than that. Artemis is the first SUV with a limousine-like rear passenger compartment, featuring twin, multi-functional pilot seats and new levels of legroom.

So you can be chauffeured in first-class luxury, get important work done, or just sit back and relax. And yet, with the effortless power and dynamic responses of a performance car, you can also take the wheel for the sheer pleasure of it.

A limousine and all-wheel-drive supercar you can use every day, in any environment.

Artemis. The ultimate crossover.



Artemis makes an immediate impact. Over two metres wide, it has a purposeful stance enhanced by carbon aerodynamics features and huge 23” wheels with ultra- low profile tyres.

But the muscular body has form to match function. Made entirely from carbon composite, normally found in race cars for its light weight and strength, it is also beautifully detailed.

Chrome is not confined to areas like the traditional mesh grille and surround but also features on bold, back-lit details on the front wings and large, sculpted exhaust embellishers.

Closer inspection reveals more attention to detail in the Eterniti-etched headlamp bezels and carbon-finished wing mirrors, while the rear is given unique visual impact by the chevron detail in the full-width, high-mount brake light set into the roof spoiler.



To create the Artemis cabin experience requires craftsmen and passion. Artisanship and traditional skills, engineering ingenuity and advanced technologies, blended seamlessly.

The cabin is handcrafted. Exquisitely detailed, patterned and stitched leather sits alongside beautifully finished woods and other veneers, trimmed by specialists with decades of experience working for the most demanding luxury brands.

The premium-grade leather hide is hand-selected from the finest tanneries around the world, much of it sourced from Italy and Britain. It is still worked manually in the traditional way, but is then scanned using state-of-the-art computer technology to ensure perfect quality.

The cutting-edge carbon composite bodies, super- lightweight forged alloy wheels and carbon front splitter and rear diffuser are produced with equal skill. Everything from the clay models used in the body styling process to the fine-tuning of the ride and handling has the human touch.

And every car is hand-built at Eterniti’s London facilities.



Artemis offers new levels of exclusivity and personalisation.

The standard specification offers 15 exterior paint finishes, ranging from the restrained to the exuberant. There are 16 leather colours, with a large choice of detailing such as stitching, patterning and embossing, and multiple colour combinations.

Together with the choice of six veneers, plus alcantara roof linings, that allows countless trim options, ensuring that each car reflects each customer.
want chrome etched to a personal design? Embroidered leather? Monograms? colours matched to a favourite personal possession? Gem stones? More performance? Now you can have it, and Eterniti’s atelier will create your dream specification.

Whether tailored or fully bespoke, we will design your car and build it for you to deliver a product which is completely individual. completely you.



Inside, Artemis offers a sybaritic experience.

The entire cabin is swathed in leather hide, which even covers the top of the dashboard and frames the facia with a unique top roll. The immediate sense of refined luxury is complemented by lambswool rugs, which sit on quilted floor trim extending to the luggage compartment. veneers, including a choice of burr walnut, piano black, brushed aluminium and carbon fibre, complete a sensuous environment.

For the driver, the heated steering wheel’s combination of leather and veneer trim means that driving the Artemis is always a tactile experience. And, no matter how
fast you drive, a pleasurable one. An 18-way memory package ensures that you’re in exactly the right position. The communication management system’s HD touchscreen display gives you access to the 3D navigation and the digital surround-sound audio which puts out 585 watts through 14 speakers.

And, when you get to your destination, parking is made simple by a park assist system with cameras.

For rear-seat passengers a journey is like being transported into a different world.

Occupants can recline electronically in their individual seats with heating and cooling. create their own atmosphere thanks to climate control with air quality and humidity sensors and a carbon filter.

Be calmed by a starlight roof lining or enjoy the view through a panoramic glass roof. Slip an ipod into the dock to connect to the high-end audio system. press a button to electronically reveal the concealed tablets for some work or web surfing. pour a drink from the chiller into the crystal glasses.

Or just stretch out and enjoy the journey.



With over 600bhp and 750Nm torque available from its twin-turbo v8 engine through an 8-speed semi-automatic gearbox, Artemis has serious performance.

It can reach 100kph from standstill in 4.5secs and 290kph flat-out. But the handling and grip are equally impressive, thanks to an R&d team with an outstanding pedigree. chief Engineer Alastair Macqueen was responsible for the Jaguar xJ220 – then the world’s fastest road car – and masterminded three wins in the Le Mans 24-hour race for Jaguar and Bentley.

And for test driving he was able to call on racing drivers including Johnny herbert, who not only tasted victory at Le Mans but is also a formula 1 grands prix winner.
Artemis delivers its power through a state-of-the-art active all-wheel drive system and an intelligent eight-speed gearbox. If the driver wants, the car will do all the work. Alternatively, gears can be shifted manually using the gear lever or the controls on the steering wheel.

The car’s standard air suspension comes with a number of advanced systems to offer cutting-edge dynamics which can either thrill or provide a serene ride. As well
as self-levelling and different ride-height settings, an active management system continually adjusts damping forces to suit driving style and road conditions, with options for Normal, comfort and Sport settings.

In addition there is an act ive anti-roll system which responds to steering angles and lateral acceleration.

The anti-roll bars feature hydraulic swivel motors to counter lateral forces and keep the car level on any road surface, producing astonishing agility, and a dedicated setting maximises traction off-road.

Even the wheels have been developed to increase performance, with an ultra-lightweight forged alloy construction which, with the 315/25 tyres, significantly heightens steering responses.